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  • Project Name :Creative Template Design
  • Category :Graphics Design / Web Design
  • Client :Bara Kobama
  • Complete Date :01 March, 2020
  • Skills :Photoshop / Illustrator

Client Overview

N2N Solutions, a leading IT services provider, was engaged by Sky TV New Zealand to develop and implement an Automation Testing framework using Selenium WebDriver for their mobile application.

The objective was to enhance the quality, reliability, and user experience of the app through automated testing. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between N2N Solutions and Sky TV New Zealand in achieving this goal.

Sky TV New Zealand is a prominent television and media services provider, delivering a wide range of content to its customers through various platforms. With the growing reliance on mobile apps for entertainment consumption, Sky TV aimed to ensure the seamless performance and quality of their mobile app to meet customer expectations.


Sky TV New Zealand faced several challenges in their mobile app testing process, including:

  1. Manual Testing Limitations: The existing manual testing approach was time-consuming, prone to human errors, and lacked the necessary scalability and efficiency required for comprehensive testing.
  2. Diverse Device Landscape: The mobile app needed to be tested across a wide range of devices with different operating systems, screen sizes, and resolutions. Manually testing on each device was resource-intensive and challenging.
  3. Rapid Release Cycles: Sky TV aimed to frequently release updates and new features to their mobile app to stay competitive. Manual testing alone couldn’t keep up with the pace, leading to delays and potential quality issues.


N2N Solutions assigned a highly skilled and experienced Senior Automation Tester to collaborate closely with the Sky TV New Zealand team. The approach included the following steps:

  1. Requirement Analysis: The Senior Automation Tester worked closely with Sky TV stakeholders to understand the specific requirements, objectives, and critical user scenarios for the mobile app.
  2. Selenium WebDriver Framework Design: Based on the requirements, the Senior Automation Tester selected Selenium WebDriver as the primary automation testing framework for the mobile app. The framework was designed to cover functionality, usability, performance, and compatibility testing.
  3. Test Script Development: The Senior Automation Tester, along with a team of automation engineers, developed comprehensive test scripts using Selenium WebDriver to cover various user scenarios and interactions within the mobile app. These scripts incorporated data-driven techniques for efficient test execution.
  4. Test Execution and Reporting: The automation testing framework was implemented, and extensive test runs were conducted on multiple devices using Selenium WebDriver. The Senior Automation Tester ensured comprehensive test coverage, identified and reported any defects or inconsistencies found during the testing process.\
  5. Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Integration: The automation testing framework was seamlessly integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, enabling continuous testing and faster feedback on new features and updates.
  6. Maintenance and Support: N2N Solutions provided ongoing maintenance and support for the implemented Selenium WebDriver testing framework, ensuring its smooth operation and addressing any future enhancements or issues.


The collaboration between N2N Solutions and Sky TV New Zealand yielded significant results and benefits, including:

  1. Increased Test Coverage: The Selenium WebDriver testing framework facilitated comprehensive test coverage across various devices, operating systems, and user scenarios, ensuring the app’s reliability and compatibility.
  2. Improved Efficiency and Time-to-Market: Automation with Selenium WebDriver significantly reduced the time and effort required for testing, allowing Sky TV to release updates and new features more frequently, meeting customer demands and market expectations.
  3. Enhanced Quality: Automation eliminated human errors and inconsistencies, resulting in higher-quality mobile app releases, improved user experience, and increased customer satisfaction.
  4. Resource Optimization: The automation testing framework reduced the reliance on manual testing resources, allowing the Sky TV team to focus on strategic tasks and higher-value activities.
  5. Cost Savings: By implementing automation testing framework, it saved lot of manual efforts of doing manual testing.
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