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N2N Solutions is a leading IT services and consultancy provider specializing in delivering end to end solutions for the big names of insurance industry in New Zealand. These big names include Suncorp, Vero Insurance, AA Insurance, Tower Insurance and QBE New Zealand. N2N Solutions offers a range of services and consultancy to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by insurance companies in New Zealand.

Some of the key IT services and solutions provided by N2N Solutions for the insurance industry in New Zealand are:

  • Enabling customer through online digital platform: N2N Solutions has provided expert consultancy to enable its customers by implementing online platforms to create Insurance Quote, Policy along with Self-Service portal to maintain customer and policy data without contacting insurance company. N2N has also used its expertise to implement digital portal for insurance brokers with their personalised login credentials and dashboard. These applications are designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve accuracy, and provide a seamless user experience.


  • Data Analytics and Reporting: N2N Solutions offers advanced data analytics and reporting consultancy specifically designed for meeting the insurance companies needs. By leveraging BI technologies (e.g., Microsoft PowerBI), these solutions enable insurance companies to gain valuable insights from their data, enhance risk assessment and fraud detection, and make informed business decisions.
  • Detecting fraudulent claims: N2N Solutions offered valuable consultancy for implementing Fraud detection tool (e.g., FRISS) to identify fraudulent and unjustified claims. This solution helped company to save business values, reputation and money drastically. N2N consultant worked closely with FRISS vendor from Netherland to implement fraud detection solution.
  • Digital Transformation Services: N2N Solutions assists insurance companies in their digital transformation journey by providing services such as legacy system modernization, API integration, mobile app development, and user experience design. These services enable insurers to enhance their agility, improve customer engagement, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

These are just a few examples of the IT services and solutions provided by N2N Solutions for the insurance industry in New Zealand. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, N2N Solutions helped insurance companies in New Zealand drive innovation, optimize processes, and achieve their business goals in an increasingly digital and competitive environment.

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