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  • Project Name :Creative Template Design
  • Category :Graphics Design / Web Design
  • Client :Bara Kobama
  • Complete Date :01 March, 2020
  • Skills :Photoshop / Illustrator

Client Overview

Introduction N2N Solutions, a renowned IT consulting firm, was engaged by Downer, a global infrastructure services provider, to provide a Technical Business Analyst (BA) resource for upgrading their existing ERP JDE 9.0 version system. The main objective of the project was to enable the system to seamlessly onboard a new client, PowerCo, without any degradation in performance. N2N Solutions collaborated closely with the Downer team and worked in conjunction with vendors such as TCS India and Bottomline Australia. The project also involved rebranding financial invoices/forms and streamlining the invoicing process by transitioning to email delivery.

Downer is a leading engineering and infrastructure company based in Australia. Their wide range of services spans across multiple sectors including resources, energy, transport, telecommunications, and water. To support their operations, Downer relied on an ERP system running on JDE 9.0. With the addition of a new client, PowerCo, Downer required an upgrade to their ERP system to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.


  • System Upgrade: The existing ERP JDE 9.0 version system needed to be upgraded to accommodate the integration requirements of PowerCo without causing any degradation in the system’s performance.
  • Collaboration with Vendors: N2N Solutions had to closely collaborate with vendors, such as TCS India and Bottomline Australia, to ensure smooth integration with Downer’s ERP system and address any potential compatibility issues.
  • Rebranding Financial Invoices/Forms: Downer wanted to rebrand their financial invoices/forms to align them with their brand identity and ensure a consistent customer experience.
  • Streamlining Invoice Delivery: Downer aimed to enhance their invoicing process by transitioning from traditional courier-based delivery to email delivery, a more efficient and cost-effective method.


N2N Solutions provided a highly skilled Technical Business Analyst with extensive expertise in ERP systems, particularly JDE, and a strong background in client onboarding projects. The BA resource implemented the following solutions to address the challenges:

  1. System Upgrade:
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing ERP JDE 9.0 system to identify potential areas of improvement and evaluate compatibility with PowerCo’s integration requirements.
  • Collaborated closely with the Downer team to understand the specific needs of PowerCo, including data exchange protocols, security measures, and workflow integration.
  • Worked in close partnership with TCS India and Bottomline Australia to ensure seamless integration of their systems with Downer’s upgraded ERP, addressing any compatibility issues.
  • Oversaw the implementation of necessary system upgrades, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations and seamless integration with PowerCo’s requirements.
  1. Invoice Rebranding:
  • Collaborated with Downer’s marketing and design teams to understand the desired rebranding requirements for financial invoices/forms.
  • Conducted an analysis of the existing invoice templates, identifying necessary changes and proposing a new design that aligned with Downer’s brand identity.
  • Worked closely with the ERP development team to implement the rebranded invoice templates within the upgraded system, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance for all customer-facing documents.
  1. Invoice Delivery Streamlining:
  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the existing invoice delivery process, including courier expenses, time delays, and customer preferences.
  • Proposed a more efficient and cost-effective solution by transitioning from physical invoice delivery to email delivery.
  • Collaborated with the Downer IT team to configure the ERP system to generate and send invoices automatically via email to customers.
  • Ensured compliance with relevant data privacy and security regulations during the implementation of the new email delivery system.


N2N Solutions’ Technical BA resource successfully addressed the challenges and implemented the required upgrades and process improvements for Downer. The outcomes achieved were as follows:

  • Upgraded ERP system: The existing JDE 9.0 version system was upgraded to meet PowerCo’s onboard requirements to be able to serve its customers.
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