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Client Overview

QBE New Zealand, a leading insurance company, recognized the need to leverage data analytics and reporting solutions to enhance decision-making processes and gain deeper insights into their business operations.

To address this requirement, QBE New Zealand partnered with N2N Solutions, a specialized IT consulting firm with expertise in system analysis and Power BI technology. This case study outlines how N2N Solutions successfully implemented a data analytics and reporting solution for QBE New Zealand, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth.

QBE New Zealand is a prominent insurance provider, serving a wide range of customers across various industries. With a vast amount of data generated from multiple sources, QBE New Zealand recognized the potential of utilizing data analytics and reporting to extract valuable insights. They aimed to enhance their business processes, optimize risk management strategies, and improve overall operational efficiency.


QBE New Zealand faced several challenges in harnessing the power of data analytics and reporting. These included:

  • Data Silos: The data was scattered across different systems, making it challenging to consolidate and analyze.
  • Manual Reporting: The existing reporting processes were manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors.
  • Lack of Real-time Insights: Decision-making was hindered by the absence of real-time insights and actionable data.
  • Data Visualization: The organization lacked effective visualization tools to present data in a user-friendly and interactive manner.
  • To overcome these challenges, QBE New Zealand sought the expertise of N2N Solutions to develop and implement a data analytics and reporting solution.


N2N Solutions conducted a comprehensive system analysis to identify the specific requirements and challenges faced by QBE New Zealand. Based on the analysis, a tailored solution was designed and implemented, leveraging the capabilities of Power BI technology. The key components of the solution were as follows:


  • Data Integration and Transformation:

N2N Solutions implemented a robust data integration strategy to consolidate data from various sources, including policy management systems, claims databases, and financial systems. The data was transformed and standardized to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • Data Modeling and Warehousing:

N2N Solutions developed a data model that aligned with QBE New Zealand’s business objectives and reporting requirements. A data warehouse was implemented to store the structured and organized data, enabling quick access and efficient analysis.

  • Power BI Implementation:

N2N Solutions utilized Power BI, a leading business intelligence and data visualization platform, to develop interactive dashboards and reports. The solution included various features of Power BI, such as data modeling, custom visuals, and interactive filtering options. This allowed QBE New Zealand’s business users to explore data, uncover trends, and generate insights on-demand.

  • Automation and Real-time Updates:

To improve efficiency and reduce manual effort, N2N Solutions automated the data extraction, transformation, and loading processes. Real-time updates were enabled to provide the latest information to users, facilitating prompt decision-making.


The implementation of N2N Solutions’ data analytics and reporting solution provided QBE New Zealand with significant benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Decision-making: The availability of accurate and timely insights empowered QBE New Zealand to make informed decisions, drive operational efficiency, and identify potential risks.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Manual reporting processes were replaced with automated solutions, saving time and reducing errors. Employees could now focus on value-added tasks instead of data gathering and report generation.
  • Data-driven Risk Management: The solution enabled QBE New Zealand to analyze risk factors, identify patterns, and

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